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Coconut Oil Coffee & Why I'm Sometimes Keto

Abby AllingComment
Coconut Oil Coffee & Why I'm Sometimes Keto

Keto is definitely #Trending right now. Thanks Kardashians! 

As very few people in my life know I've taken some pretty drastic diet shifts over the years primarily as a way to ease a digestive issues due to Crohn's Disease and also live my best life. Thankfully I've been in solid remission for 3+ years now. I've also been in a solid relationship for 3+ years now. And in that time we ate whatever we wanted. Mostly Indian takeout, some deep dish pizzas, ravioli on Fridays, grocery store sandwiches, and all the craft IPAs. It. was. awesome. 

Then I got a desk job, working regular hours! I was able to start exercising regularly and even ran a half marathon (woo!). I am now what many would refer to as swoll. So this is the the time that boyfriend and I are trying to undo 3 years of ravioli Fridays. And maybe he also gained about 80 lbs. And partially because it's trending, but also because he decided this is the diet he would do best with, we're now a Keto couple. 

Honestly I was NOT excited about this. When he told me I couldn't eat apples any more there was a fight. I had my regular diet of salads, protein shakes, and lentil soups. Also the take out. Now it's the no apples, no almonds, no onions, no sweet potatoes lifestyle.

Keto is not a "eat as much as you want" diet, in order to lose/maintain weight you still have to keep calories in check. You have to count calories AND monitor you Macros to ensure you're getting enough fat, and the perfect amount of protein, and around 20g of net carbs. It's not as simple as swapping out your usual carbs with cauliflower and meat. ALSO these people eat so much cheese. We don't, cheese is a sometimes food. 



  • 1 cup coffee (or honestly two shots of espresso with some hot water because I'm that person)
  • 1/2 tablespoon virgin, unrefined, real, organic, coconut oil
  • Sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon, for effect. 

Simply add to blender, and blend! 

Coconut oil coffee is honestly a sometimes food, I know some people swear it helps them live their best life and lift cars or whatever but as an avid coffee lover who is trying to get to work as early as possible so I can leave as early as possible - yeah this is a sometimes food. At this time I'm not "keto" I did last over a month though. Levi's back on it though! Heads up if you're considering keto, constipation is a side affect!