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WTF Happened to the Last Year

Abby AllingComment
WTF Happened to the Last Year

Hey kids. So it's 2018. And I didn't do blog things, become instagram famous, internet famous, or cultivate my brand as a beauty and wellness mogul I mean expert. That doesn't mean I didn't do things, just you know, less than I was expecting. 

Not that anyone's asking buuuut here's what happened: I got a job last year, well a lot of jobs, but now I'm working a single job. In my off time I do barre, run, puzzle, meal prep, buy skincare products, pick out sweaters for Gladys, and stream all the shows. 

List of SUPER obvious things I Learned this Last Year

1. Working one full time job, with benefits, PTO, and a mother fucking chair, is A MILLION times better than working 2-3 jobs, with no benefits, or chairs. CAN WE PLEASE STAND UP AND APPLAUD CHAIRS REAL QUICK. 

2. You 9-5 people with weekends off NEVER appreciate it. And now I'm one of you. I go to the farmers market, and get real upset when I have to wait in line for the Wild & Spicy Salad mix. 

3. I'm still poor. But less poor, so I'm spending all my money on things. Mostly skin care and a barre3 membership. 



Tips for Finding a New Full Time Job and Escaping Poverty

1. Buy a pantsuit. 

2. Get a lot of rejection. Like a lot. And I don't mean go apply to all the jobs, that's easy, I'm talking about going to the 4th round of interviews that last all day, the 6th round, meat the CEO, make interviewing a full time job. Then get a heavy amount of voicemails during the holidays that inform you that they decided to go with another candidate. 

3. Go work in food service, drink beer, make friends, appreciate people, and live your best life. Quit shortly after an adult human shits on the dining room floor.

4. Understand but try not to give a shit when you realize that for every one of you, there are three of you but fresh out of (but actually still in) college and willing to work for free. TRUE STORY KIDS. 

5. IDK. I'm not an expert, obviously. Maybe read some books about leadership? I did that, not to be a leader but to be able to clearly recognize when a higher up was trying to manipulate me. 

6. Get outside and do stuff while you can. Especially if your days off are on weekdays, it was so much easier to find campsites.