quit my job quiche

What kind of quiche? Well, ok, so IRL I like to call this ham quiche. Mainly because instead of rolling out a flaky, buttery, and time consuming crust I simply line my dish with cold cuts of ham. Turkey cold cuts are also acceptable. But lets be real, I quit my job recently, and it's time to let my inner fat kid sing.

This is where I should probably insert an inspiring quote about change and letting go, but I'm not going to, because I'm not that kind of person. Not that I didn't look up what Oprah Winfrey would say about my situation. She's a treasure. I quit my job for two reasons: I didn't want to work there anymore, and it didn't make me any more like Beyonce. 

Ham Quiche Ingredients
HAM (like a pack of cold cuts, maybe even the organic kind!)
6 eggs
1 bunch of kale
1 pack of mushrooms
1 lil onion friend
2 garlics
half jar of sun dried tomatoes found in the manager special basket at QFC
cheese (gouda, cheddar, whatever. Just try to get grass fed and/or unpasteurized for health)

Leftover ham quiche cauliflower rice ingredients
1 head cauliflower
1 jar crushed tomatoes
olive oil
more cheese
pre-cooked sausage (optional)

1. preheat oven to 375
2. Heat large skillet over medium heat. Either chop or food process the onion (honestly i food process everything instead of chopping in this because it makes life that much better) add oil to pan, then onions. 
3. food process (or chop) the mushrooms, add to skillet. Do the same with sundried tomatoes and garlic before adding to skillet. Lastly process the kale, and add to the skillet. 
4. let all this cook for some time, probably about 5 more minutes after you've chopped and added everything. Add salt and pepper to taste, go light on the salt because the ham does bring quite a bit of salt with it to this quiche. 

5. While this is cooling go ahead and oil the cake pan. You could use a pie dish, or a tart pan, but really? Why give up all that extra volume? Live on the edge!! So you have your cake pan with a lil olive oil rubbed all over the inside. Now it's time to line it with ham. Do it in a pin wheel style as pictured below, put one in the center just to cover any gaps. 

6. grate a nice hunk of cheese (from 1/4 -1/2 a block, depending on the size of your block) Use whatever amount of cheese seems appropriate to you. It's your life, you already bought the whole brick, so yolo. 

7. Time to make our filling! Beat 6 eggs in large bowl, add grated cheese, and a little less than half the kale mixture we left cooling on the stove. pour into pan, sprinkle a little more cheese on the top, and bake for 30-40 minutes. 

Okay so what about this leftover filling? Make a second quiche! Or do what i do and make another dish to have for lunch/dinner through the week. 
1. take kale mix out of skillet and set aside. Heat skillet over medium heat, add a little olive oil
2. put cauliflower through the food processor to rice it, add to hot skillet. cook for about 5 minutes before adding the kale mix we had set aside, the jar of tomatoes, and hey, maybe even a little wine. 
3. let cook for a few more minutes, add more salt and pepper if needed. Sprinkle with some more cheese and enjoy!

Below is an encouraging video that makes me kind of regret using ham and want to open up a pig rescue ranch where I would save the lives of thousands of pigs and create charming and humorous calendars each year to raise funds for the rescue, featuring pictures of pigs.